Host Encountering Muslims

Facilitate an opportunity for taking Encountering Muslims in community! We provide all you need to bring it about.

It's worth the time to experience Encountering Muslims with others!

Hosting can mean gathering a small group in a cohort - or planning a full class with in-person instructors. We provide everything you need for whatever context works best for you.

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What do I need?

Choose your setting

Decide which format works best for your context:

  • small or large group?
  • home or classroom?

Gather your people

Announcements can work, but personal invitation is most effective. Think of who you want in the class, and ask them! Then have them ask their friends.

Plan your timeline

Whether a class or a cohort, decide if you want to meet weekly or monthly, or anything in between.

Support from the team

We'll be here to help you at each step of the way, providing tools and materials, coaching and advice to make sure your class thrives.

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Overview of planning a class

  • Do I need to be an expert?

    Not at all! You can learn along with everyone else. All you need is to have a learner's heart and some orgranization (or find someone who does).

  • How much work is it?

    It takes some event-planning and administration, but you won't be doing this alone. Many hands make lighter work.

  • Tell me more about the class...

    Find out more about what the course is like and what you'll get out of it.

    What's inside Encountering Muslims? 

Everything you need to get started

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Seeing through God's eyes

“I am learning that I have to ask God to help me see through His eyes and not mine. He knows how to reach hearts and he will show me if I wait for him to show me. I believe God has always and will always help us if we are willing to be humble enough.”
Sheree, North Carolina