Who's the New Kid?

Who's the New Kid?

from Shane's Muslim Connect

who's the new kid?

School starts for my three young, summer-drunk kiddos in just under two weeks. I could tell you the number of days (and hours!), but I don’t want you to think I’m counting down! 

I am wondering though about who the new kids will be and how my kids might or might not reach out and befriend them. In a broader sense, I’m aching for a new kid who is also Muslim, possibly the only kid in class with a brown face, an odd name and an aversion to pepperoni pizza. Who will connect with her?

Here are five practical ideas to share with your kids, a niece or nephew, or a youth group:

  1. Find the new kids and say hello! Hard for most, impossible for some, this is the starting point: “I’m going to care more about others than myself for a minute. I’m going to take the first relational risk.”
  2. Ask the new kid to sit with you at lunch. Acceptance and a place to belong are gifts that actually give what a new pair of Chuck’s only promises. 
  3. Connect on social media. If your kids aren’t on social media yet, good for you! Hold steady. If they are, see if any of the new kid’s spaces overlap theirs. 
  4. Get their parent’s phone number. Play dates don’t happen without parent connections. 
  5. Invite them over for Roblox. Or music. Or Bluey. Or homework. Doesn’t matter so much what. Just opening your home is magic. And be sure to have some halal snacks
As my “Little Middle” wisely pointed out: Kids do this, particularly if the new kid is Muslim, at risk of their own social standing. They’re in good company. Jesus took such risks as well. He’ll also walk with them right up to the new kid. He has a fondness for both outsiders and young disciples.

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