The Beautiful Side of Islam

Islamic art

Most of the images relating to the Muslim world that we see regularly are harsh photos of protests and violence. As an alternative, here are some websites that showcase the more beautiful side of Islamic culture.



Beautiful Mosques Around The World

Islamic Architecture: Islamic architectural styles, architects, and regions



Islamic Art

Collection: Art of Islam Photos



Showcase of Inspiring Arabic Calligraphy Artworks

Arabic, Persian and Farsi Calligraphy



Hijab Couture

Pictures of Muslims Wearing Things

Garments of a Muslim Man



Sufi Dance

Malong Dances - the Phillipines


Daily Life

Islam: A Way of Life in Pics



My Halal Kitchen

Twelve Indonesian Dishes You Must Try

Top 20 Most Popular Senegalese Foods & Dishes



Nasreddin Hodja: Tales of the Turkish Trickster

The Poem of Antar

The Emperor and the Seed

The King and the Poor Man


Islamic Modern Songs

Traditional Islamic Music for Esther

Bengali Music Online

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