Internationals Living Among Us

summer short lists #6

Even though I drive a 98 Ford pick up (or maybe because!), I’m seriously jonesing for an electric car lately. Not a Tesla, I think they’re a little too bougie for me. More like a Chevy Bolt or something small from Hyundai/Kia. 

In classic Baader-Meinhof fashion I now see EVs everywhere, probably due in small part to there actually being more, but mostly because I notice them.

In an effort to “frequency bias” us all regarding unreached peoples, I want to share a list from mobilizer extraordinaire, and friend of Muslim Connect, Neal Pirolo’s book, Internationals Who Live Among Us. (Which you should totally buy!)

Neal says we find these groups in most of our towns and cities:
Business people 
Illegal aliens 
Ethnic communities

If you’re not crazy pressed for time, go back over the list and ask yourself, “Where are these people in my town? Where might I cross paths with some of them this week?”

Each of us could learn so much from people in each of these groups. Neal goes on to remind us that it’s also strategic to reach out to them for the following reasons:
They are close at hand. They have moved into our neighborhood.
They represent a segment of our population with dramatic growth.
Reaching them does not cost the “mega-bucks” of going to another country.
Doing so is good training for those who will go to another country.
Often little effort yields a great harvest.
Many are are open to the Gospel.
Because Jesus said “I was a stranger and you invited me in. . . .”
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