Crazy Ideas

Crazy Ideas

summer short lists #4

Do you ever wonder, “What if?” What if there was a fire and we were left with nothing but an insurance check? What if a wealthy old aunt died (in peace, after a long, productive life) and left me a huge inheritance? What if I went all rich young ruler with Jesus but did decide to sell it all and give it to the poor? 

Let me invite you for a moment to think past the limitations of responsibility and prudence to briefly entertain some possibilities! Let your eyes widen and your heart race as you ponder these crazy ways to connect with Muslims - and probably come up with a couple of your own.

  1. Start a business raising goats to sell to halal butchers. Haven’t you always loved baby goats?
  2. Take a course and go on tour to debate Muslims. While polemics is outside the scope of my expertise and comfort, some friends assure me it’s working to connect Muslims to Jesus.
  3. Get a master’s degree in India for cheap while building relationships among some of the hundreds of unengaged peoples there.
  4. Text ten friends and ask them to prayerfully look over the Welcome Corp website. If you don’t feel called to go where Muslims live, perhaps God would use you to bring them here.
  5. Join me in putting the Qur'an on your summer reading list. I’m not excited about it, but I’m gonna do it. Let me know if you’re with me. Here’s some rationale and Nabeel Qureshi’s wise caution and encouragement.
  6. Download DuoLingo. Commit to learning Arabic. Spend next Christmas in Turkey impressing Syrian refugees.
  7. This one you’ve got to invite me along for: Buy a boat (with your aunt’s inheritance or the insurance check), run a discipleship school on board as you sail along the Turkish coast, through the Greek isles to Sicily, reaching out to asylum seekers along the way.
If any of the “going” ideas above gets your pulse racing a bit, please check out my brand new Muslim Connect video on Going.
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