Life is Full of Friction

from Shane's Muslim Connect

summer short lists #2

You know that classic dream where you’re trying to run, but it’s like you’re stuck in mud? Or in real life you’re trying to get out the door to church and the teenager is still in the bathroom and the 7-year-old shows up at the car with a jar’s worth of Nutella on his face and hands? 

Life is full of friction, my friend. Both yours and mine. 

When you make a mental move toward connecting with a Muslim, it seems like a multitude of barriers manifest themselves. Here are a few I’ve faced - maybe you can relate to some of them:

  1. Fear: This has stopped more good activity in its tracks than the rest of the list combined. Fear of rejection, failure. Fear that people who dislike Muslims might be right! 
  2. Time: There are real commitments and duties but, honestly, don’t some of us worship an idol of busyness that allows no margin for outreach? 
  3. No Muslims: What if none live near me? Wait a little bit. Or try this or this.
  4. Think we know too little: "What if they ask a question I can’t answer?!?”
  5. Think we know too much: “I know those Muslims. They’re up to no good! Don’t validate them!”
  6. Other ministry: None of us can do everything! You can’t die on every hill.
  7. Hopelessness: Can anything I can do really make a difference? 
  8. We prefer dominion to communion: Is it possible our national value on military spending and deployment seeps into our Christianity and we don’t befriend Muslims because we'd rather conquer them? 
If any of these make you want to raise your hand and say, “Yep. That’s me,” let me know and we can pray for each other.
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