May Jesus Be the Stuff of Dreams

May Jesus Be the Stuff of Dreams

may jesus be the stuff dreams are made of

Had any good dreams lately? I mean “while you’re asleep” dreams, not “I dream of world peace,” which is definitely a good dream! Ahead of our sharing the preaching duties at church last Sunday, my wife dreamed that I kept trying to dance with her during the sermon! Happily her righteous anger quickly dissipated once she woke up!  

While we might speculate on the origin of hers, dream interpretation and dreams in general, are not big in my stream of Christianity, practical protestants that we are! 

Not so with all Christians and definitely not so with Muslims. In fact, according to Nile Green, dreams and their interpretations have been a part of Muslim culture since the beginning. 

Sunnis believe that the adhan [call to prayer] was not written or said by the Islamic prophet, Muhammad, but rather by one of his companions, Abdullah ibn Zayd, who reportedly had a vision in his dream in which the adhan was revealed to him by God.

In his book, Dreams and Visions: Is Jesus Awakening the Muslim World?, Tom Doyle talks about how dreams of Jesus have led many Muslims to faith. 

In this unverified Facebook report, Dr. Mike Licona shares news from an underground Christian ministry in Palestine saying Jesus recently appeared to about 200 men in their dreams in one night! 

I have a dear Muslim background friend who began to follow Jesus after the Lord showed up to him in a vision. I believe it happens. 

I also suspect, with some data and good reason, that it happens more during Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting that starts soon. And what if it happens more if we ask God for it? 

If you’re up for trying, join with our friends at to pray for Muslims during this coming Ramadan. And because the Muslim Connect tribe is all about inviting everyone to the party, please consider how you might share the prayer vision with others.
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