Halal Hat Trick?

There’s a Muslim dad with kids at the same karate studio my younger son attends. I’d really like to connect with him, but we only see each other briefly at pick up maybe once a week. 

So I got an idea: Our town has a very semi-pro ice hockey team. Tickets are not outrageously priced. What if I invited the dad and his boys to join my son and me for a game? 

The upsides: 

  1. Having the game to focus on lowers the required intensity of conversation. 
  2. If he’s a good Muslim, I won’t have to spend a lot on beer! 
  3. Win or lose, it will be a sign-post in our relationship. We’ll build memories. 

Potential downsides:

  1. I fail to navigate his initial, “No, I can’t go,” thinking it means he really doesn’t want to. Or he steps into “American-mode” and declines for real, but I assume it’s cultural and awkwardly re-ask him. 
  2. He has no fun. The boys get bored in the first period. We can’t think of anything to talk about. 
  3. He’s not a good Muslim and I have to spend a car payment on beer!

What do you think? Should I take the risk or take another direction? What am I missing?

It seems likely that for many of us, if we’re going to connect with Muslims, we’re going to have to go out of our way. At minimum, for most, we’ll have to poke through a cultural barrier of some sort. 

May God give us grace to take the steps he puts in front of us. And, as we do, may we simply ooze and radiate the love, kindness, and truth of Jesus. 

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