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Encountering Muslims

Fall 2024 Online Distance Learning Course

Fall 2024 Online Distance Learning Course

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Sep 9 - Dec 8

*If registering more than one person, please complete one registration, then fully logout and go through the process for the next one with a unique email address, and so on. 

Encountering Muslims Online is a 12-lesson course featuring expert instructors and an online mentor with experience living among Muslims. Students will complete each lesson's work and assignments at their convenience and discuss the week’s material using discussion forums. Though the course is not self-paced, there are no live online sessions required.

Course Assignments
To complete this course online, students will have weekly assignments including: textbook readings, video or audio lectures, and online discussions with other class members. In addition, students meet with a Muslim and visit an Islamic center in their local area, take four quizzes, and submit one final report. A certificate will be issued for successful course completion.

Software Requirements
To take Encountering Muslims Online, you will need internet access, a valid email address, and the ability to watch streaming lecture videos. Downloading and listening to mp3 files is also an option.

If you choose to use an electronic version of the book instead of a print copy, you will receive an email from Amazon with a link to claim a Kindle file. You will need a Kindle app to open and read this copy of the book.

Course Fees
Tuition is $249.00 and includes a course textbook (international shipping requires an additional fee). 

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